How did I do?

Working with so many varied and amazing individuals and companies is what I love about my work. Here is some feedback from those who I have been fortunate enough to collaborate, work with, and be inspired by. 

Destiny Higgins-20180107_EWS_6115 copy.jpg

Destiny Higgins


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith-Alan a few times. He’s such a kind soul with an amazing talent. He always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed while shooting. On top of that I’m always more than pleased with the photos he takes!”

I have no words that are not positive! I felt very comfortable from our first interaction onwards and while I know it takes two to have a good dynamic, you are very collaborative but also articulate and directive when you see a good shot to be had.
— Thea Rowan
Maria Mylena Vangas-20171215__DSC0632.jpg

Maria Mylena Vangas


"So when we met I felt really immediately comfortable, kinda like chatting with an old friend. Shooting together felt easy and natural, no pressure, nothing inappropriate, only bad puns (but the funny kind!) I think we’d both agree that our work flowed seamlessly and easily without effort. Keith-Alan I always describe to people as one of the most patient and understanding individuals I’ve met."

Tata Timons-20170409__DSC0132.jpg

Tata Timons


“Keith-Alan is the best! I have worked with him more than a dozen times and each time he makes me feel very comfortable and creative. I am always blown away by the high quality images I get back. You can tell he really cares about his photography and that it is his passion. Not only is Keith-Alan one of the best photographers I have ever worked with, he has also become a great friend”

Melissa Munroe-20180120_EWS_9228.jpg

Melissa Munroe


“Keith Alan is always an amazing pleasure to work with! He is so creative and always makes his models feel comfortable and most importantly, beautiful. I love that his indoor work is just as amazing as his outdoor work, he sees art in everything, which is why you can shoot absolutely anywhere with him! Keith has helped me and many others get so far in our careers and I am so grateful to have been able to meet him and create beautiful artwork with him!”

Katrina Davis-20170331__DSC9955.jpg

Katrina Davis


"This guy! Such a sweet friend who I’ve come to know and love over the years, modeling for and sharing creative ideas with. Keith-Alan has a genuine intention and execution of deepest respect, listening and acknowledging, and reflecting all these things in his beautiful portraiture as he makes the whole experience a conversation. He creates an environment with a balance of trust and creative exploration of vision! I love his openness to suggestion, as well as his ability to direct in confidence, as he forms the model, light, color and environment to work for his end results!"

Erica Lucier-20171112__DSC8798.jpg

Erica Lucier


"Keith-Alan was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is very personable and talented in a wide variety of settings. We had a good time coming up with creative shots together! Outdoors and indoors, he truly captures wonderful photos. Can't wait to shoot again!"

Alexandra Tonelli-20160429_7276.jpg

Alex Tonelli


“keith-alan was a pleasure to work with, someone who immediately puts you at ease. He had a passion for his craft which can be seen easily after working with him. He is dedicated to the experience more so than the finished product and therefore amazing images are organically created just from the time spent together”

Elizabeth Maria Carroll-20180205_EWS_4188.jpg

Elizabeth Marie


“Working with Keith was almost as easy as breathing. Wemet at a coffee shop to just chat and get to know each other and we didn’t plan on shooting but he asked and I was like “ABSOLUTELY”. I brought Keith to a place that that had meaning to me and I thought he would appreciate. We had fun exploring but he also kept asking me questions to still learn more about me. It’s not easy to open up but I felt comfortable and knew there was no judgment. I always loved his work and was honored to work with him. I’m thrilled to have created art and a new friendship with Keith. He is such a wonderful and creative soul. It was an absolute pleasure working with him 💕”

Christina Parrott-2017108__DSC4501.jpg

Christina Parott


"The times I've worked with Keith Alan have been a wonderful experience. Keith Alan has truly helped me begin to find my self confidence."

Julia Wirth-20180226_EWS_7430.jpg

Julia Wirth

"Keith-Alan is amazingly professional every time I have worked with him. He's friendly and very comfortable to be around. Every shot I've received has been perfect and unique. Can't wait to work with him more in the future!"