alabaster ego / by Keith-Alan DeFranca

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If a man thinks he is not conceited, he is very conceited indeed.
— C.S. Lewis

Art, as in most everything else in life, can be something that is overlooked or glazed over by social media. Follower count, image likes, and trend following can hinder the beautiful raw simplicity of why art should/needs to be created. It becomes a numbers game and looses it’s soul. When you are able to strip away the numbers and focus on the artwork itself you begin to allow yourself to see past the distractions and gauge the work on a more real and genuine level.

Self portrait work is something that I personally have struggled with for a number of years. I have experimented ever since I picked up a camera even though in those days it was more about “making a cool photo” and it always felt hallow. Part of what was such a challenge was the EGO associated with self portrait work. And the larger question of where does ego fit into art and its creation…