a journey has a beginning by Keith-Alan DeFranca

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.
— Alfred Stieglitz

        Welcome, this is the next chapter in the journey of my photography, artistic process, and a lot more about who I am. It is so easy to get trapped into a rhythm of what your artwork should look like, what it should express, and ultimately be. When you lose sight of why you create or connect with others you create with then there is no point. This blog is a turning point.

A couple years ago I stated to my wife that "If a portrait does not require some sort of sacrifice then it is worth noting". I am going to amend that statement to this:

"An image is valued not because of its  obvious beauty, its valued because the journey and sacrifice to get to that moment captured in the image is beautiful and priceless"

To often we produce work that is geared to produce "likes" or "follower count". We all are guilty of this whether we realize it or not. For me that all stops here and now. The time, money, distance traveled, stress, judgement from strangers, and strain on personal life are all things artists can understand no matter what medium they use. This blog is my effort to allow the essence of my work to come through. I am humbled and honored to create and connect with the incredible people I do and their willingness to deal with my craziness is a constant motivation for me.

This is a journey after all and this may be the newest chapter in that journey but the journey started along time ago. You will be hearing some of that story as well as a lot of work that no one has ever seen before. Some from years ago and some very recent work that is waiting for the right time to be shared. Hope you enjoy the many posts to come.  I will be posting images of course but also video and audio diaries, as well as art and individuals that inspire me. Enjoy the ride and please never hesitate to reach out. Art is a community more than anything else!